Teaching Lab
TitleCell Biology Experiments, Cell Culture Room
LocationLSII R325、LSII R328A-B
授課教授Linyi Chen / Shin- Rung Yeh
Research directionCell biology laboratory and cell culture room are the teaching laboratory for cell biology and neuro-electrophysiology. Basically, the cell biology experiments are divided into two parts, the first one is the research study of the neural circuit for an escaping crayfish, by teaching students the basic set up of the electrophysiological test equipment, the experimental methods of intracellular recording and the analysis of neuronal signals and their physiological significance. Another one is the basic practice of cell culture, including cell culture, cell growth and its corresponding analysis, cell staining, and cell freezing. Every year, the programs supported by this laboratory include the Biological and Medical personnel training course (a Master course in summer semester), Experiments of Bio-medical imaging analysis, the Experimental course of Cell Biology (for undergraduate students), Basic Electrophysiology (for graduate students) and neurophysiology seminars.
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