2020-11-19高淑芬 Susan Shur-Fen Gau 教授Characterizing Autism & ADHD by Endophenotypic, Pharmacological, and Longitudinal Image Studies羅中泉 Chung-Chuan Lo 教授 
2020-11-12李勁葦 Gene-Wei Li 副教授Optimization and Control of Bacterial Proteome黃貞祥 Chen Siang “Gene” Ng 助理教授 
2020-11-05許翺麟 Ao-Lin Hsu 教授Regulation of longevity by HSF-1: the expected and unexpected mechanisms汪宏達 Horng-Dar Wang 教授 
2020-10-29徐婕琳 Jye-Lin Hsu 助理教授Studying host-pathogen interactions: Proteomic, functional genomic, and phenotypic screening approaches張晃猷 Hwan-You Chang 教授 
2020-10-15蔡文杰 Wen-Chieh Tsai 教授蘭花基因體及蘭花演化 Orchid genomes and orchid evolution黃貞祥 Chen Siang “Gene” Ng、郭立園 Li-Yaung Kuo 助理教授 
2020-09-24王憶卿 Yi-Ching Wang 講座教授Rab37-mediated exocytosis and its niche for cancer therapy林玉俊 Yu-Chun Lin 副教授 
2020-09-17張典顯 Tien-Hsien Chang 研究員Toward a Successful Graduate Career: the Why, the Stakes, and Some Ropes楊立威 Lee-Wei Yang 教授 
2020-06-11謝志豪 Chih-hao Hsieh 特聘教授Empirical dynamic modeling toward mechanistical understanding of dynamical systems黃貞祥 Chen Siang "Gene" Ng 助理教授 
2020-05-14楊恩誠 En-Cheng Yang 教授探索昆蟲眼中的世界羅中泉 Chung-Chuan Lo 教授專題討論修課同學為非同步遠距
2020-03-26顧銓 Chuan Ku 助研究員Giant viruses: from single-cell transcriptomics to genome evolution黃貞祥 Chen Siang "Gene" Ng 助理教授 
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